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We broadcast community-oriented programming targeting the audience that is seeking intelligent radio and video content. WeTalkRadio is fast becoming an internet sensation with a heavy saturation in the U.S. southern states, California, Mexico, Canada, UK, Denmark, India, Russian Federation, South Africa, France, Kenya, Germany, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and more. Over 16 radio personalities make up the 12 radio shows that broadcast to over 100,000 listeners around the globe each week.

Kia D Unplugged

Monday @ 8PM(CST) Join us for fun hot topics and trending news with Kia D and the Hot Topic panel.

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After the Lights Go Out

Wednesday at 8PM(CST) Real adult conversations.
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Groovy Tuesday

Tuesday at 4p(CST)

Get up and groove with us as we showcase timeless music from artists across the globe.

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Friday Night Hype w/ D.B.

Friday at 7PM(CST) Keeping Friday nights hype and fresh with host D.B.

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Diamond Crew Kids

Friday at 4PM(CST) join the creative and funny conversations with the Diamond Crew Kids.

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Eman After Show

Sunday at 9PM(CST) Real men, real boys, real talk with Eman and the crew.

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Brand New Day with Emily Blue and DeAnn

Sunday @ 7PM(CST) inspirational music and conversation that enriches, empowers, and enlightens listeners.

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Ken & Ry Show


Saturday @ 2PM(CST) youth inspired conversations and more. Hosted by youth Ken and Ry. Produced by young adult Destini Brown.

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Mind, Body and Soul

Saturday @ 6PM(CST) Relax, relate and release on the Mind, Body and Soul radio show.

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Shine Lord

Sunday @ 10AM(CST) Keeping you inspired and uplifted with the powerful word of God feat. Senior Pastor Jeremy Glenn (S.O.I.L Church)

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Your Morning Recap


Listen Live Mondays @ 10AM(CST)
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The Cave Radio Show

Saturdays @ 10AM(CST) Real men with real talk. Hosted by T. Smiley.

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Eman After Show/ BACK LIVE

Eman After Show

Eman After Show (Rewind Show)

The Kia D Unplugged Show


Groovy Tuesday

DCP Show

DCK Show



The Cave Radio