The Kia D Unplugged Show feat. Ascendant

“Its Not Over” is Ascendant’s first single from the 3rd chapter of thier 4 part album, Illuminate: Yellow. Creating energetic and soul filled music.

The group’s mission to create uplifting but sophisticated music has won for them a legion of fans around the world. They have proven year after year to have a deep passion and love for creating timeless music while sustaining a valuable commitment to their community.

Throughout the years Ascedant has released Illuminte Blue (Dec 2012), Illuminate: Green (October 2019), and now Illuminate: YELLOW. The single features SoulTracks Readers’ Choice Award winner Angela Johnson. “It’s Not Over” has funky groove all over it, getting us moving while spreading a message of encouragement to everyone who hears.


Kael Mboya (Keyboards/Vocals/Producer)

Michael Lockett (Vocals/Percussion)

Curtis Kincaid (Guitars/Vocals)

Kenery Kent Smith (World Class Chicago bassists)

Renée RuffinandDonica Lynn (vocals)