What Are The Best Resources For People With Disabilities?

– Disability Awareness Month 2021 –

July 30, 2021

By: Geoffrey McMain

Edited By: Kaitlin Graham


Oftentimes it’s those who are most underprivileged who lack the resources to truly thrive, which is especially true for people with disabilities, who are too often under-supported by society. Here are a few resources to help alleviate some of the pressure experienced by those with disabilities.



USAGov Logo

The US federal government offers a plethora of resources for disabled people including housing assistance, healthcare resources, and work programs. This portal contains all the initiatives the national government provides for the disabled.


Olmstead Rights

This non-profit focuses on education of disabled rights and legal advocacy. They also have a list of Texas based resources with everything from advocacy groups to crisis centers for people with disabilities.



REACH is a national organization designed around a three-pronged approach to helping those with disabilities. This approach focuses on communication, education, and housing, which they offer a number of services and programs to support. 


Texas Parent to Parent

Parent to Parent Logo

The foundation of Texas Parent to Parent is its parent-to-parent support model, wherein parents of disabled children talk to one another, offer each other services, and provide education. Their approach is driven by parents and for parents, with their network serving as a backbone for many families with disabled children.


Disability Rights of Texas


Disability Rights of Texas is a civil rights organization dedicated to fighting for the legal rights of people with disabilities. They primarily provide direct legal assistance and pro bono work by lawyers to the disabled in court battles.