Where to Find Back to School Sales


By: Geoffrey McMain

Edited by: Kaitlin Graham


It’s back-to-school season, which means it’s everyone’s favorite time to shop for all things school, office supply, and technology! With all this shopping, it’s lucky that so many places have discounts on these items, so here are some stores with the best back-to-school deals and savings.



As one of the largest retailers in the world, Amazon is in the perfect position to offer fantastic discounts. Some of the deals they have are on school supplies, electronics, and clothes, as well as a $10 off coupon on school essentials when you spend more than $100.



Target has deals on everything from notebooks to Apple Air Pods, making it an excellent choice for back-to-school shopping and even dorm outfitting, with low-price selections for small home appliances and on-campus necessities like bedding. So whether you’re shopping for crayons or Keurigs, Target is the place to look.



Along with all the typical back-to-school deals, Walmart has a school-specific supply search that’s used with just a city and institution name and shows users everything they or their child will need for their school year from their school. And if you’re a teacher, Walmart’s teacher shop offers special discounts for educators as well.


Macy’s has discounts on all clothes for children K-12, whether it be shoes, jeans, or dresses, and school accessories such as backpacks and masks are also on sale. These great savings are even available for some of the biggest brands like Nike, Champion, and Tommy Hilfiger. 


Best Buy

If you’re looking for new tech before heading into the fall semester, Best Buy is one of the best places to look. With a wide selection of laptops, PCs, and other necessities on sale, Best Buy is an excellent choice for high-end, low-price technology for all school needs.



For back to school season, Staples is offering such school and office essentials as binders, pencils, paper, notebooks, art supplies, and just about anything else you can imagine, all at a low price, making Staples a one-stop-shop for all things for the new school year.


Bed Bath & Beyond

While Bed Bath & Beyond is known for being a big-box retailer of home products, this company also has deals for college shoppers, with a 20% discount on all dorm purchases. They even have an online shopping system that will hold your order at the nearest Bed Bath & Beyond for pickup, so if you want to make a convenient shopping trip for dorm essentials or otherwise, Bed Bath & Beyond is the place to go.


Office Depot

Office Depot offers all things school supply for a discount rate, with up to 55% off for generic products and up to 70% off on certain brands like Crayola or Elmer’s. Teacher supplies are also on sale! That means big savings for educators that shop at Office Depot.


Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is committed to helping kids look great on their first day of school at a low price, with backpacks up to 50% off and clothes for girls and boys up to 65% off.


Old Navy

At Old Navy, all clothes for kids are up to 50% off right now, with even lower prices in the clearance section. Select adult apparel is 50% off right now, as well! So whether you’re trying for a new look for school or just need some new clothes, Old Navy is a great choice for the best clothes at the best prices.