Perfectly Imperfect – Our Body Positivity Stories 2021


As swimsuit season makes it’s way back into our lives, WeTalkRadio Network wants to show people that it’s okay to wear whatever you want and be confident in yourself, no matter what you look like! We asked our staff members to tell us about their body positivity journey. Read below to hear about why our Press Release Manager, Keely, and our Marketing Content Manger, Kaitlin, joined the body positivity movement!


Keely’s Story

By: Keely Messino

I never thought I was beautiful until I decided to live by my standard of beauty. So when I 

look at a Hollywood starlet or the cover of a magazine, I see someone who looks nothing like me. 

As a kid, I looked up to the woman I saw on TV. I remember hating my short, curvy figure and wanting to be tall and have a flat belly and a massive bra. 

I never got any of those things. Instead, what I got were several surgeries, which left me with huge scars. To lengthen muscles, scars, and calluses on my hands, from having to rely on my hands and arms because my legs don’t work correctly. And a lazy eye that the doctor tried to fix to no avail.

For a long time, I hated the thing I saw looking back at me when I had to look in the mirror. So I would try to cover myself with baggy sweat pants and oversized hoodies.

One day I decided to love myself, and my body, all of my body. So I have started wearing bright colors and showing off my curves wearing low-cut shirts and shorts. I love the way I look, and I love my body, as flawed as it may be. 

My body is strong. My body has fought many battles and won. But, my eyes are shining, and I love them.

Love your body. You only get one.


Kaitlin’s Story

By: Kaitlin Graham

When I look at models and movie stars, I don’t see myself. I’ve never been as skinny, I’ve never had flawless hair and skin, I’ve never been perfect. But no one is perfect.

I’ve struggled with confidence my whole life, and it has taken years for me to even begin to love my body as it is, but I am proud of how far I’ve come. I’ve learned that it’s okay to have fat. Just because I have fat doesn’t mean I am fat, and even if I am that’s okay, too.

It’s also helped me to realize that a lot of the photos that I see and used to compare myself too are photoshopped or posed in a way that makes the model look different than they do on the average day. Every body is different. Even if two people eat and work out the exact same way, their bodies will look different, and different isn’t a bad thing.

Just because I do not look like a model or movie star doesn’t mean I am not beautiful!