The final outcome from Judge Rudson Marcos in Florianópolis on the 2018 rape of Mariana Ferrer shocked the world after it was ruled to be unintentional. Even though Ferrer’s rapist failed to be brought to justice, many across Brazil and the world at large did not accept this decision, as the message “estupro culposo não existe,” meaning “unintentional rape doesn’t exist,” circulated on social media alongside the hashtag #JustiçaPorMariFerrer. Like countless others, Ferrer’s experience- her trauma, her rape- were discounted and dismissed, showing that society still has a long way to go in the mission to end domestic violence and sexual assault. Whether in Florianópolis or in Dallas, in Brazil or in the United States or anywhere across the globe, survivors will always have the support of Heels on the Move to Heal.


Hillary Lynch


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