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Michael Oliver is a local entrepreneur with an extensive 8 year background in community/social services and as a certified Life Coach. Michael is bringing a diverse business perspective to WeTalkRadio Network and a sincere desire to expand the companies reach, by focusing on innovative ways to engage new audiences in different market segments.

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Prayer for the day

(Courtesy of The Prayers Club)

Prayer for the day...

At the table as winners, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, wants us to know that they cometh to us from many sources. Because the Light of God surrounds us, the Love of God enfolds us, the Power of God protects us, and the Presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are, God is. Let the Holy Spirit guide us. Let Genesis to Revelations be our guide. Do well and stay with it. 

Rev. James Johnson

Harbor House Unlimited Ministries

Address: 912 E Morningside Dr., Fort Worth, Texas 76104


Phone: 817 706 2253

Phone: 817 513 5173

Dr. Phil Show & Deion Sanders hosts 'Sports Dads'

(Courtesy of Kia D)



DR. PHIL SHOW- On Monday, March 5 2012, Kia D along with her daughter (Tamiyjah) were special featured guests on the Dr. Phil Show! This episode of' 'Overly Competitive Parents' highlighted the reality series 'Sports Dads' featuring Hall of Famer Deion Sanders! Check out the Dr. Phil website for full episodes at or click here to watch a clip!


'SPORTS DADS' REALITY SHOW FEATURING DEION SANDERS - Go to any youth sporting event and you’ll see them screaming from the sidelines, fanatically invested parents pushing their kids to win — and yelling at them when they don’t. “This really hurts the kids. Sports should be fun,” says NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, who comes to the rescue in the new Veria Living television series Sports Dads, playing host and counselor to sports-obsessed families. Then there is Kia Davis also known as Kia D,  an energetic, fun, young spirited and very pushy mom who wants the best for her child at any cost. In the premiere episode of  'Sports Dads' , Kia and her 15 year-old daughter Tamiyjah received a totally unexpected one-on-one intervention with Mr. Sanders, a former Dallas Cowboy. This show is full of hilarious surprises! TO WATCH THIS EPISODE CLICK HERE!



10397093_777909915574111_4787320927311072692_oMeet our CEO, Kia D...

Nakia "Kia D" Davis is a charismatic, multifaceted news and entertainment personality. With an extensive background in the news and entertainment industries; Kia D’s experience has ranged from hosting news and entertainment shows, both on television and radio, to emceeing for several professional and private events.  After graduating from the University of North Texas, with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, Kia D made the decision to continue her education, later earning a certification in Radio Broadcasting. A renowned member of Zeta Phi Beta sorority, Kia D decided to pursue her long time passion for public speaking after a very successful career as an educator. In 2010, she had the opportunity to create WeTalkRadio Network, LLC and the WeTeach Broadcasting program. The program was designed to teach youth the many elements of radio broadcasting, which allowed Kia D the venue to share her deep rooted passion for the industry. Nationally recognized, the WeTalkRadio Network brand has been followed by thousands of weekly listeners, including producing a televised broadcast in both Texas and California. WeTalkRadio Network has solidified itself in the national broadcast community with its commitment to highlighting not just national topics and profiles, but specializing in identifying local individuals across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and putting them on a national platform. 

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Real Living with Providence Yahweh

Testimonial by Providence Yahweh 

“The Ingredients for Success(Revisited)”

This week I wanted to share with you “the Ingredients for Success”. But before I dive into the context of this post, I’m compelled to first look at the diversity we as professionals have for the definition of success. Being transparent, I’ve learned their is such a disparity in the meaning to be successful, that it makes the probability of coming into a universal understanding almost impossible.

To some, the meaning of success is merely based on the material possessions they’ve gain from their journey. While to others, the realization of success is only solidified by the level of esteem or notoriety they receive from the public and/or or peers. The last segment of professionals I want to introduce, are those who see success more as a point of reference. These professionals tend to frequently set small goals, and with each goal accomplished they’re intentional at spending some time in reflection to better evaluate the lessons taught along the way. I must also stress that each of these perspectives are only examples of the many which are endorsed by the world. Not one of these examples is greater than the other, as each adopted perspective is used to build the required anticipation (or drive) we need to weather the storm of the journey. No matter what the perception, please trust that, “no one is immune to the trails and tribulations of life…”

I want to offer the formal definition of success based on Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:

  1. The fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame
  2. The correct or desired result of an attempt

If you notice, even the conventional definitions have such a difference in perspective, this only feeds into the lack of universal understanding.

My intent for this post is only to introduce the idea that no matter what we do in our professional walk, we have to conceptualize that our definition of success may differ drastically from the consensus of our peers. Saying this, we MUST as leaders be willing to accept that how we judge our accomplishments is all a matter of perspective. If we gauge our achievement based upon the differentiating perspective of the world, then we will never be able to gain the satisfaction (or fulfillment) we desperately seek.

Let your journey have a unyielding commitment to fulfillment of the purpose uniquely birthed in you. Success is the fluidity of the process. The hidden ingredient for success is YOU!

Be Great…

This week I want to leave you with this powerful scripture:

“Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed.”

                                                                                                            - Proverbs 16:3


Providence Yahweh Team

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