6 Size Inclusive Clothing Brands – Body Positivity 2021


By: Geoffrey McMain

Edited By: Kaitlin Graham


In recent days, numerous fashion and clothing brands have begun adopting size-inclusive postures, expanding the discussion around body positivity and self-love by offering great-looking clothes for all sizes. Here are a few size-inclusive brands that you can support today!


Universal Standard

Since its start in 2015, Universal Standard has offered clothing essentials for people of all sizes. This brand was built on the idea of size-inclusivity and responded to a lack of access for many women by offering a range of clothes from size 00 to 40: a commitment that continues to this day.



H&M is well-regarded as a place to get trendy clothes for a reasonable price, and their recent H&M+ line has extended their collection to a new group of people with expanded sizing options for their best wares.


Good American

Good American has had inclusive sizing since its inception in 2016 but has since begun offering inclusive sizing for swimwear, bodysuits, and activewear, making this forward-thinking brand a great choice for anyone looking to spend time outdoors.


Big Bud Press


With ethically sourced materials, this L.A. grown company specializes in unisex clothes, all offered within an inclusively sized framework.



Madewell’s inclusive sizing initiative started in 2018 with limited selection, but since then, Madewell has expanded their program to every category of daily ware they have.


Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend logo

Girlfriend Collective produces all their clothes with a sustainable model that uses solely recycled materials, giving their size-inclusive collection of activewear an ethical bent focused on environmental sustainability.


Hackwith Design House

With an emphasis on formalwear, Hackwith Design House handcrafts all their clothes in-house: their entire selection of dresses, pantsuits, and more, available for people of all sizes.