What Are The Best Resources For People With Disabilities? - Disability Awareness Month 2021

What Are The Best Resources For People With Disabilities?

- Disability Awareness Month 2021 -

July 30, 2021

By: Geoffrey McMain

Edited By: Kaitlin Graham


Oftentimes it's those who are most underprivileged who lack the resources to truly thrive, which is especially true for people with disabilities, who are too often under-supported by society. Here are a few resources to help alleviate some of the pressure experienced by those with disabilities.



USAGov Logo

The US federal government offers a plethora of resources for disabled people including housing assistance, healthcare resources, and work programs. This portal contains all the initiatives the national government provides for the disabled.


Olmstead Rights

This non-profit focuses on education of disabled rights and legal advocacy. They also have a list of Texas based resources with everything from advocacy groups to crisis centers for people with disabilities.



REACH is a national organization designed around a three-pronged approach to helping those with disabilities. This approach focuses on communication, education, and housing, which they offer a number of services and programs to support. 


Texas Parent to Parent

Parent to Parent Logo

The foundation of Texas Parent to Parent is its parent-to-parent support model, wherein parents of disabled children talk to one another, offer each other services, and provide education. Their approach is driven by parents and for parents, with their network serving as a backbone for many families with disabled children.


Disability Rights of Texas


Disability Rights of Texas is a civil rights organization dedicated to fighting for the legal rights of people with disabilities. They primarily provide direct legal assistance and pro bono work by lawyers to the disabled in court battles.

What To Know About Heels On The Move To Heal

What To Know About Heels On The Move To Heal

July 27, 2021

By: Geoffrey McMain

Edited By: Kaitlin Graham


What is Heels On The Move To Heal?

Heels on the Move To Heal is a Dallas based nonprofit organization dedicated to
spreading awareness and education on sexual assault, domestic abuse, and human
trafficking. They also offer a number of resources and events to support and empower


Help For The Helpless Charity Showcase

Heels on the Move To Heal is hosting their Help For The Helpless Youth Charity
Showcase event on August 29th: presented by Heels on the Move To Heal, DJ Rylei

Productions, and WeTalkRadio Network.

This online event will support human trafficking survivors and the homeless community. It will feature dance performances and other supporting creative acts.

The Help for The Helpless Youth Charity Showcase will take place Sunday,
August 29th, from 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM CDT.

Tickets can be purchased for $10.00 online at Eventbrite. Don’t miss this incredible event!


Click here to purchase your ticket today!


4th Annual Heels on the Move to Heal Charity Shoe Fashion Show

Be sure to check out Heels on the Move To Heal at heelsonthemovetoheal.org.


“Heels on the Move To Heal is a Texas (Dallas) 501c3 non-profit organization that
strives to bring awareness to domestic abuse/sexual assault and/or human trafficking
while empowering and supporting survivors. With a passion to protect our youth, we
created Youth On The Move To Heal to promote awareness and educate youth on
domestic violence while giving them a platform to be creative. We have educational programs and initiatives that allow the youth to

create and produce local events. They have the experience of being a show emcee, performer,
producer, DJ, photographer and videographer.”


Heels on the Move To Heal is presenting their annual charity event virtually on Saturday, October 30, 2021 at 5:00 PM CDT. Visit eventbrite.com to purchase your ticket! Prices start at $15.00.


Follow Heels on the Move To Heal on social media for updates!




6 Size Inclusive Clothing Brands - Body Positivity 2021

6 Size Inclusive Clothing Brands - Body Positivity 2021


By: Geoffrey McMain

Edited By: Kaitlin Graham


In recent days, numerous fashion and clothing brands have begun adopting size-inclusive postures, expanding the discussion around body positivity and self-love by offering great-looking clothes for all sizes. Here are a few size-inclusive brands that you can support today!


Universal Standard

Since its start in 2015, Universal Standard has offered clothing essentials for people of all sizes. This brand was built on the idea of size-inclusivity and responded to a lack of access for many women by offering a range of clothes from size 00 to 40: a commitment that continues to this day.



H&M is well-regarded as a place to get trendy clothes for a reasonable price, and their recent H&M+ line has extended their collection to a new group of people with expanded sizing options for their best wares.


Good American

Good American has had inclusive sizing since its inception in 2016 but has since begun offering inclusive sizing for swimwear, bodysuits, and activewear, making this forward-thinking brand a great choice for anyone looking to spend time outdoors.


Big Bud Press


With ethically sourced materials, this L.A. grown company specializes in unisex clothes, all offered within an inclusively sized framework.



Madewell’s inclusive sizing initiative started in 2018 with limited selection, but since then, Madewell has expanded their program to every category of daily ware they have.


Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend logo

Girlfriend Collective produces all their clothes with a sustainable model that uses solely recycled materials, giving their size-inclusive collection of activewear an ethical bent focused on environmental sustainability.


Hackwith Design House

With an emphasis on formalwear, Hackwith Design House handcrafts all their clothes in-house: their entire selection of dresses, pantsuits, and more, available for people of all sizes.


Why I Dropped Out of College and Took Classes Online - Keely's Disability Awareness Month Story 2021

Why I Dropped Out of College and Took Classes Online -

Keely's Disability Awareness Month Story 2021


By: Keely Messino

Edited By: Kaitlin Graham


The ability to go to college should be a right. When I first started college, I had plans of becoming a bereavement counselor, who is a counselor who helps people whose loved ones have passed away. I started taking college classes at a college not far from where I grew up. 


The campus had charming wrought iron fences, Victorian-style buildings, and a beautiful on-campus Chapel. I was very excited about beginning a new adventure.


That didn't last long.


Professors would sometimes refuse to give me three extra minutes to go to the bathroom or have someone take notes for me.


I had asked to live in a dorm, but the campus had no wheelchair-accessible doors. Not being able to open a door would have made going to class or getting food on a campus impossible. 


I have cerebral palsy and have to use mobility devices. However, the campus was not accommodating to that. 


There were two elevators, and they didn't often work; the straw that broke the camel's back for me was having to climb up a flight of stairs while many students stared at me. I called to complain, and the campus director told me that they could not accommodate me, something they didn't tell me for over a year while I was trying to attend this school.


I tend to make some of my best decisions when I'm under pressure. Dropping out and going to Art School online was one of my best decisions. I have met many people who have similar disabilities to mine and are living their best lives.


When I was attending the college that I originally attended, I had the opportunity to take an internship. Unfortunately, they only offered one internship. But, there was no other option. The internship was over an hour away and I turned it down because I needed to find something closer to home.


Pursuing a degree online allows me to pursue many internships, much like the one I have with WeTalkRadio Network. Going to online school has been the biggest blessing I could have imagined and has opened so many doors for me. 


However, part of me still wishes that I got the college experience that I deserved. I sometimes wonder where I would be now if I had a more traditional college experience. Would I have gotten to study abroad like I dreamed I would? Would I have a job as a therapist as I had planned?


If you or someone you are close to is facing similar issues to the ones I faced, don’t be afraid to go in a different direction. Sometimes dropping out or transferring is the best thing you can do. 


To find resources for college students with disabilities, visit publicservicedegrees.org


Resources For People With Eating Disorders

Resources For People With Eating Disorders

July 14, 2021

By: Geoffrey McMain

Edited by: Kaitlin Graham

Eating Disorders are serious emotional and medical problems that are typically best dealt with professional support and therapy. Here is a collection of qualified national and local organizations to help those with Eating Disorders or body image issues.


National Resources

National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)

NEDA is the nation’s largest nonprofit dedicated to providing support for eating disorders. Some of their services include: Screening, a national helpline, treatment programs, and support groups.


Eating Recovery Center

The Eating Recovery Center is an international organization that offers comprehensive treatment for eating disorders. “Eating Recovery Center’s mission is to provide the very best care to patients, families and providers of care in the treatment of, and recovery from, eating disorders and related conditions.”


National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD)

National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders

ANAD has been offering free services for eating disorders for 45 years, with their strategy focusing on peer support at every stage of an eating disorder.


According to their website, “The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness is the leading national nonprofit organization providing referrals, education, and support for all eating disorders.”


Local Resources

Eating Disorder Solutions

Eating Disorder Solutions operates a full residential treatment center located in North Dallas where they offer not only residential care but also outpatient services. Their Chimney Hill Center is renowned as a safe and comfortable environment dedicated to helping patients in-need.


Santé Center

Sant‌é Center for Healing

The Santé Center, located in Argyle, Texas, has been providing eating disorder and addiction treatment since 1996. Their mission is “to address addictive behaviors and associated conditions with an integrated addiction treatment model, drawing from traditional and innovative approaches.”


UT Southwestern Center for Pediatric Eating Disorders

UT Southwestern’s Center for Pediatric Eating Disorders offers partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs aimed at adolescents under the age of 18.


The Eating Disorders Program at Texas Children’s Hospital has been providing treatments for eating disorders for decades that include 24 hour on-call coverage, and both inpatient and outpatient care. Their focus is on an interdisciplinary approach to care serviced by a team of professionals with a wide array of skills.




Eating Disorders and Triggers 2021

Eating Disorders and Triggers


By: Geoffrey McMain

Edited by: Kaitlin Graham


Over the past few years, the conversation around eating disorders has reached new heights and illuminated issues that have gone unnoticed and ignored for years. These mental illnesses are extreme conditions that cause severe emotional distress and health problems.


Given this, it’s important to understand the whats, hows, and whys of eating disorders, so they can be identified and remedied with proper medical attention. Scientists believe that there are a multitude of potential factors that can trigger an eating disorder, whether it be biological or sociocultural.


One potential cause identified is genetics, with research showing that twins have similar likelihoods of developing eating disorders, and there is also evidence of certain brain structures being more or less susceptible to these disorders.


Another possible factor is culture, as nations that idolize thinness typically have much higher rates of certain syndromes compared to those that lack such beauty standards.


Even certain personality traits such as neuroticism, impulsivity, and perfectionism can be potential triggers. While no single cause for eating disorders has been found, it’s likely that a combination of these influences is what triggers the development of one.


Eating disorders can take many forms, and even within specific disorders there can be considerable differences from person to person, which means it’s especially important to understand the most common varieties of these illnesses. 


Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa is characterized, like the majority of eating disorders, by abnormally low body weight and a twisted perception of body size that leads to a fierce fear of gaining any weight. People with Anorexia will typically go to extreme lengths to keep from gaining weight and might limit their food intake by forced vomiting, abusing drugs, or exercising excessively. 


Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia, similar to Anorexia, is rooted in a false idea of weight where self-value is based on body size and shape. What differentiates Bulimia from other disorders like Anorexia is a cycle of binge eating, wherein people lose control over how much they eat, and consume a large number of calories in a short period of time. Then food is purged from the system by self-induced vomiting or by abusing diuretics and enemas.


Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder is attached to a loss of control when eating, which often leads to binge eating excessive quantities of food repeatedly. Binge Eating Disorder is usually related to cases of obesity, severe weight cycling, and diabetes, as well as other medical problems.



People with Pica will compulsively eat foods without nutrition or that are dangerous, such as ice, paint, plastic, or metal. While Pica is usually a harmless and temporary disorder that can take place in children and pregnant women, Pica can also be extremely unhealthy if it lasts for an extended period of time or involves consuming dangerous substances.


Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder

Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) is much like other disorders that limit both the amount and type of food eaten, but ARFID differs in that there is no underlying emotional problem involving perceptions of weight. Instead, ARFID is an extreme form of “picky eating” usually found temporarily in children, but can become a problem for adults who do not consume a healthy amount of calories.


Rumination Disorder

Rumination Disorder is an unconscious syndrome where food is typically eaten in a normal fashion and quantity but will be regurgitated undigested shortly after. While experts know that Rumination Disorder isn’t a voluntary act, they also believe that it can be a learned habit by those with it, and can cause a lack of nutrition.


If you’re looking for more information or medical help for an eating disorder, these are some qualified sources:

Mayo Clinic


Eating Recovery Center


5 Body Positive Brands To Support This Month

5 Body Positive Brands To Support This Month

July 5th, 2021

Written by: Aaron Kaushal

Edited by: Kaitlin Graham


Aerie’s #aerieREAL Life Campaign

This campaign was launched in 2016 in order to show “real” beauty. As a part of the campaign, they have stopped editing pictures of their models in their advertisements. Instead, they leave the pictures unedited and fully natural. Aerie’s goal is to encourage young women to love their own bodies.

Another goal of theirs was to encourage their competitors to follow in their footsteps, making a commitment to stop photo-editing. After the launch of this campaign, Aerie’s product sales increased by 20% by the following year. It is clear that customers responded positively to the campaign.

#AerieREAL Life


Dove’s Self Esteem Project

In April 2021, Dove released a powerful commercial as a part of their self esteem project. Dove’s mission is to help ensure that the next generation grows up happy with the way they look. This project started in 2004, and has been going strong ever since.

Dove’s goal is to help people create a positive relationship with the way they look, and ultimately raise their self esteem. By the end of 2014, Dove had helped more than 15.8 million young people across 112 countries. Dove estimates that by 2030, they will have helped over 250 million young people through this campaign. 

Click here to watch their ad!

Dove Home


Nair’s Worship Yourself Campaign

Nair recently launched this campaign and has released various ads related to it. Their goal is to promote natural beauty and self confidence. While Nair is a relatively small company, their ads carry a powerful message. Nair aims to show women of all ages that they should be confident in their looks, no matter what obstacles they face. 


Neiwai: NO BODY IS NOBODY Campaign

Neiwai is a Chinese lingerie company, and they launched their NO BODY IS NOBODY campaign in 2020.  Neiwai’s message is that everybody has a story worth listening to. Looking at our own body, we try to understand its story, which is close to our hearts. Understanding these stories will allow us to learn to respect differences, and cherish diversity, which ultimately leads to appreciating each other.

Neiwai promotes confidence and body positivity in women of all ages, they hope that this message of “Every body has its own story” will help motivate women and help them improve their opinions on their own bodies. The goal is to push forward the fact that all women are beautiful, not only in spite of their flaws, but rather that flaws are what make them so beautiful and unique.

Click here to watch their ad!



Hanes Every Bod Campaign

While many body positivity campaigns are geared towards women, this one primarily focuses on men. The ads in this campaign showcase men with all different body types.  This is to help illustrate the point that their products are suitable for a very wide array of customers, and the products look good on all various body types, as well.

Hanes started this campaign for men because they too noticed that many beauty campaigns are based around women. They decided to take the same approach, but for males. Hanes’ ad shows men singing in their underwear, because if you are able to sing in public just wearing underwear, you must truly be comfortable with yourself. Their goal with this campaign was to make men love their own bodies, and join the body positivity movement. 

Click here to watch their ad!


Perfectly Imperfect - Our Body Positivity Stories 2021

Perfectly Imperfect - Our Body Positivity Stories 2021


As swimsuit season makes it's way back into our lives, WeTalkRadio Network wants to show people that it's okay to wear whatever you want and be confident in yourself, no matter what you look like! We asked our staff members to tell us about their body positivity journey. Read below to hear about why our Press Release Manager, Keely, and our Marketing Content Manger, Kaitlin, joined the body positivity movement!


Keely's Story

By: Keely Messino

I never thought I was beautiful until I decided to live by my standard of beauty. So when I 

look at a Hollywood starlet or the cover of a magazine, I see someone who looks nothing like me. 

As a kid, I looked up to the woman I saw on TV. I remember hating my short, curvy figure and wanting to be tall and have a flat belly and a massive bra. 

I never got any of those things. Instead, what I got were several surgeries, which left me with huge scars. To lengthen muscles, scars, and calluses on my hands, from having to rely on my hands and arms because my legs don’t work correctly. And a lazy eye that the doctor tried to fix to no avail.

For a long time, I hated the thing I saw looking back at me when I had to look in the mirror. So I would try to cover myself with baggy sweat pants and oversized hoodies.

One day I decided to love myself, and my body, all of my body. So I have started wearing bright colors and showing off my curves wearing low-cut shirts and shorts. I love the way I look, and I love my body, as flawed as it may be. 

My body is strong. My body has fought many battles and won. But, my eyes are shining, and I love them.

Love your body. You only get one.


Kaitlin's Story

By: Kaitlin Graham

When I look at models and movie stars, I don’t see myself. I’ve never been as skinny, I’ve never had flawless hair and skin, I’ve never been perfect. But no one is perfect.

I’ve struggled with confidence my whole life, and it has taken years for me to even begin to love my body as it is, but I am proud of how far I’ve come. I’ve learned that it’s okay to have fat. Just because I have fat doesn’t mean I am fat, and even if I am that’s okay, too.

It’s also helped me to realize that a lot of the photos that I see and used to compare myself too are photoshopped or posed in a way that makes the model look different than they do on the average day. Every body is different. Even if two people eat and work out the exact same way, their bodies will look different, and different isn’t a bad thing.

Just because I do not look like a model or movie star doesn’t mean I am not beautiful!

10 Amazing LGBTQ Small Businesses in Dallas, TX 2021

10 Amazing LGBTQ Small Businesses in Dallas, TX

By: Geoffrey McMain


It’s Pride Month! Which means this month is a time to celebrate our LGBTQ friends and neighbors, and one of the best ways to do so is by honoring local LGBTQ owned businesses and entrepreneurs. Here are 10 LGBTQ owned small businesses in the North Texas area that you can support.


Isla Veterinary Boutique Hospital

14380 Marsh Lane Suite 110, Addison, TX 75001


(972) 738-1111   

Founded by Puerto Rican American, Dr. Josh, Isla Veterinary Boutique Hospital offers a unique client-centered approach to veterinary care. Visits to the vet can often be stressful situations for pet and owner alike, and Isla Veterinary Boutique Hospital keeps this in mind for all their patients: providing not only exceptional state of the art veterinary care but also a relaxing tropical-themed environment to soothe the nerves of clients. The option for Spanish-speaking services, as well as a commitment to respect, inclusion, and pride makes Isla Veterinary Boutique Hospital a go-to place for owners and furry friends alike!


Candy Marcum Counseling

4228 N Central Expy #225, Dallas, TX 75206

(214) 521-1278

“Helping People Bring Meaning to Their Lives,” is Candy Marcum’s motto when it comes to providing quality counseling and therapy to individuals and couples who need help. With experience stretching back to 1981, Marcum is well-known around the Dallas area for being one of the region’s first out-lesbian professional counselors, as well as an influential social reformer. Currently focused on utilizing and developing the Gottman Method for couples in therapy, Candy Marcum is on the forefront of counseling, and is a great choice for people in need.


Wendy Krispin Caterer, Inc.

528 South Hall Street, Dallas, TX 75226

(214) 748-5559

Since 1992, Wendy Krispin has run her catering company and lended her services to straight weddings, gay weddings, corporate brunches, and other organized events. On her website, Wendy has sample menus for several occasions, but she also has the option of tailoring menus to specific client interests and tastes. If you have an upcoming event and need catering, Wendy Krispin Catering is a great option where you’ll find only excellence and quality service.


Goody Goody Liquor 

3316 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas, TX 75219

(214) 765-6878

Founded in 1964 by Joe Jansen, Goody Goody Liquor has been providing a wide-selection of alcoholic beverages to both consumers and wholesale purchasers for more than half a century. Their low prices, qualified experts, and friendly environment are the biggest draws of Goody Goody Liquor, and has made them famous throughout the state. So whether you’re a person looking for something for a special occasion, or a bar, club, or restaurant in need of a reliable supplier, Goody Goody Liquor is one of the best choices in Texas, with 21 locations throughout the DFW area, Houston, and Longview.


Hammer & Nails Grooming For Guys

11901 Dallas Parkway Suite 700, Frisco, TX 75003

(214) 940-7799

If you’re a guy looking for some beautification, whether it be a shave, haircut, manicure, pedicure, or something else, Hammer & Nails Grooming For Guys might be the place to go. At Hammer & Nails, every appointment or walk-in includes a free consultation with a technician, a complimentary drink (including beer, soda, or water), a personal TV, and a hot towel finish. Since their appearance on Shark Tank in 2014, this salon has given men a shame-free and relaxed environment where the customer is king and beauty comes first.


Casa M Spice Co

3822 Market Street #101, Denton, TX 76209

(469) 293-4400

Influenced by a Ph.D in chemical physics, twenty years of food experimentation, and a trip to Cozumel, Mexico, Casa M Spice is one of the best places in North Texas to pick up spice mixes and rubs for every eating occasion. Started by husbands, Mike and Manny, Casa M Spice was inspired by Mayan chef, Maria Felipa de Jesus Pool Chale, and her intimate relationship with the region’s spices on a trip to Cozumel. Now with a dozen spice blend options and a host of recipes available on their website, Casa M Spice is a premium option for anyone looking to add some spice to any meal, whether it be a 4th of July barbeque or a Saturday night dinner.

Dallas Voice | OUT North Texas

1825 Market Center Boulevard Suite 240, Dallas, TX 75207

(214) 754-8710

Dallas Voice is the premier magazine in North Texas for LGBTQ readers, providing news, advice, and entertainment in a sleek, high-quality magazine. Readers will find a wealth of LGBTQ resources in this newspaper, as well as a wealth of interesting stories and pieces to dive into. So if either you’re a member of the LGBTQ community, or just an ally, Dallas Voice is the place to go if you want to read about LGBTQ news or learn a fascinating story from the community.


Perky Poodle Dog Grooming

4560 Mockingbird Lane #126, Dallas, TX 75209

(214) 526-3243

Since 1965, Perky Poodle has offered full service dog bathing and grooming done by specialists trained in-house who have mastered and developed techniques to keep dogs healthy and happy. With breed-specific products and procedures, Perky Poodle is the place to go for dog bathing and grooming.


Scott Carnes, Realtor® | Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate

6025 Luther Lane,Dallas, TX 75225

(214) 490-6895

Although originally from Houston, realtor Scott Carnes has over 20 years of experience serving the Dallas community, and has witnessed first-hand the rapid growth of the area. This experience has given him intimate knowledge of the housing market, allowing him to connect clients with the homes they want. If you’re looking for a home in the Dallas area and want a qualified and friendly realtor to help smoothen the process, then Scott Carnes is the agent for you.


Food Dance Films

4748 Algiers Street Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75207

(214) 630-7228

Food Dance Films is a company dedicated to providing quality advertisements to corporations and organizations with their skilled production crew of photographers, lighting experts, directors, and sound designers. With an emphasis on diversity and respect, Food Dance Films has emerged as a frontrunner of advertisement design with services in both English and Spanish. Over their years of experience, Food Dance Films has produced for companies such as Nike, Verizon, and Toyota, so if you have a business or organization that needs an advertisement done, Food Dance Films might be the company to help.


LGBTQ Representation in Movies and TV Shows 2021

Representation matters. According to a poll by Gallup, 5.6% of Americans identify as something other than heterosexual. Due to this, queer representation in the media has increased in recent years. Here are 10 movies and TV shows featuring LGBTQ+ characters that you can watch on Netflix and Hulu.



Atypical TV-14

This teen sitcom follows Sam, a teenager with autism, as he navigates high school and dating. Along the way, his sister, Casey, questions her sexuality.


Julie and the Phantoms: Music from the Netflix Original ...

Julie and the Phantoms TV-G

This family musical show is about a teen girl, Julie, dealing with the loss of her mother with the help of three teen ghosts, Luke, Alex, and Reggie. They help reignite her passion for music, and she helps them find their unfinished business. Alex is gay, and was not accepted by his parents before he passed. His friends gave him their unconditional support, which goes with the theme of found family that encompasses the show.


Schitt’s Creek TV-MA

“Suddenly broke, the formerly filthy-rich Rose family is reduced to living in a ramshackle motel in a town they once bought as a joke: Schitt’s Creek (Netflix).” David Rose is queer, and he is still loved and accepted by all. It’s wonderful to see a queer character live through the same struggles the rest of the characters and not struggle because of his sexuality.


The Half of It PG-13

“When smart but cash-strapped teen Ellie Chu agrees to write a love letter for a jock, she doesn’t expect to become his friend - or fall for his crush (Netflix.)” Ellie Chu tried to work out her feelings for her newfound crush while grappling with the question of how to come out to her father.


Sex Education TV-MA

“Insecure Otis has all the answers when it comes to sex advice, thanks to his therapist mom. So rebel Maeve proposes a school sex-therapy clinic (Netflix).” This ensemble comedy follows teenagers as they discover who they are.


Modern Family TV-14

Sitcom Geek: Readers' Qs - How many scenes should there in ...


Today's American families come in all shapes and sizes. The cookie cutter mold of man + wife + 2.5 kids is a thing of the past, as it becomes quickly apparent in the bird's eye view of ABC's half-hour comedy, which takes an honest and often hilarious look at the composition and complexity of modern family life (Hulu).” This family mockumentary comedy includes married couple, Cameron and Mitchell and their adopted daughter Lily.



Love, Simon PG-13

“A closeted gay teen deals with coming out to his family and friends in this charming coming-of-age tale (Hulu).”


Love, Victor TV-14

Set in the world of the original 2018 film “Love, Simon,” the series follows Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School on his own journey of self-discovery, facing challenges at home, adjusting to a new city, and struggling with his sexual orientation. When it all seems too much, he reaches out to Simon to help him navigate the ups and downs of high school (Hulu).”


The Society TV-MA

This dystopian teen drama is set in a small town with dark happenings. After a smell invades the town, the teens are sent on a camping trip while it is cleaned. However, when they get back, the town is abandoned and they have no way out. While all this is going on, one teen struggles with being the only out gay person in town.


Workin’ Moms TV-MA

“Four very different thirty-something working mother friends try to balance their jobs, family lives, and love lives in modern-day Toronto, Canada (IMDb).” One of the main characters is a lesbian mother who struggles with raising children with her girlfriend that are not biologically hers.